Re- The Desert (In Tantum III)

Ok, I feel the need for a little synopsis here, which I hate doing. ‘The Desert’ was a piece from my first poetry collection, and whilst writing my new book, I played around and wrote another two follow up pieces to it. As I experimented, I decided to use some Latin in the third, the reasons why I’ll let you figure out for yourself. The piece never was finished and I decided against finishing it as a piece for TFA, however will add it as a ‘regarding’ piece for you all. ‘In Tantum’ I’ve used to mean, roughly, ‘In isolation’. 

The desert, iterum iter.  (again I journey)
I see redness, only redness here.
Searing sun shine, lupine loss,
my howls travel the scarlet sand across
the vacuous tundra, unsure and callous.
I go on to find. Victi solus.  (beaten and alone)
So too does the sky take up a tinct
of roseate hue of shades so indistinct.
Hints of gold of promised progress
with casts of black. Signa mortis.   (signs of death)

Scitis nomen meum.  (you know my name)
Your sands are vast of liberation,
but your world is but a parallel place
where my motives are lost and untraced.
She calls to me. Videt me (she sees me)
Within this arid city fray
of moving skylines of frantic pictures,
passing shadows of drifting figures.
Sand saunters are ash fleets
I know when I find you. Tu es me.  (you are me)

-Jordan Baker
April 2013 

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