Even the greatest things in this world are all subject to the pull of gravity.

A little under two months ago I got the idea for the final piece in the main bulk of my second collection, TFA. When I got the idea, my first thought was ‘if I get this right it could make people cry’. Basically, this piece was to act as the full circle return after my book took the reader on a journey through the lows and bitter cold of winter to the highs and extreme joy of summer. This journey would be undoubtedly decided by the events of my life in the meantime, and in some ironic ways I’m lucky for even the low points I’ve experienced as they have given me the words to write down. As these began to mount up, it only made sense to put it into words.

After looking at a half-finished document for a month or so I’m over the moon with myself for finally all but finishing this piece. It’s been a rare productive day and a much needed one at that. All I needed was a line or two to come to me and I could take it from there. I say ‘all but finished’ and that’s simply because I’m not happy with every line but hopefully after I get it reviewed I can take some ideas on board for improvements.

So to the piece itself, entitled ‘Gravity’. The best way to describe it is by the opening line of this post:
Even the greatest things in this world are all subject to the pull of gravity.

Despite the greatest highs in my life I have been pulled back down to earth with a bump. This piece talks about that, yes, but more importantly is a reminder that whilst we float through life bad things can happen at any turn. It’s depressing but true. We often don’t even see it and are blind to the bad things all around us.

Show me plenty; show me conquest
and the rise of our sun
until my work on this planet is done.
Smile speciously and comfort me
like a parent to a child would.
I’ll jump from the tightrope
and stumble away.

The above is a small extract from it which I think sums the piece and what I’m talking about up as well as any part of the poem. We are blind to the effects of gravity; we live sheltered lives and are deprived of honesty and the truths about life. The word itself ‘gravity’ does not appear in it once, I will leave it to the readers to interpret it as either this truth or simply a piece about the end of a life, both of which I suppose are true.

At the end of the poem, I transfer from talking about the narrator in first person to him referring to another- ‘You’, repeat some earlier lines with a twist and finish:

but it takes so much more
than you.

It takes more than something great to stop the pull of gravity.

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