What is TFA?

Well, I’ve banged on about it enough, shamelessly promoted it in progress for the last 10 months and worked some-what hard on it, so if you’re still wondering what Tears From Abaddon is all about I’ll try and explain here.

Tears From Abaddon is an epic 5-part poem depicting the story of a man trapped in the wasteland of limbo, where before the council of Christ and Satan his fate will be determined. Each of the 5 pieces is different in terms of style, craft, structure and form and through them we learn about his life, his struggles and the character of the protagonist himself.. perhaps a thing or two about the Devil as well.

More than this, Tears From Abaddon (and other poems) is the title of my second poetry collection. It tells the story of a writer’s life, over the course of the two main chapters, the ‘Winter’ and ‘Summer’ it was written in. It also features the title piece and an epilogue of other works.

WINTER kicks off with a bang, ‘Gabrial’- the ramblings of the Devil’s favourite angel and several other published pieces as well as ‘Westlake Avenue’- the short story ‘Someone There?’ re-written in poetic form for the book. Of course there’s a bit of a ‘snowy’ theme in this chapter too.

From the cold lows of winter into the extreme highs of SUMMER.  Of course, it isn’t always rosy weather here in Britain over the summer, but the story continues into it regardless, ending with the emotional pull of ‘Gravity’.

The theme of the book is dreams. ‘Dreams are possibilities’. The book is written as a look at how I see life, the world and how I believe they can be. There are real-life experience, fantasy, and generally a wide variety of poetry within the pages.

And it’s coming soon.

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