Maybe This Time..

I planned to go to bed a while ago but I’ve got myself busy trying to get a piece to work. It’s so difficult to do that I’m writing a blog about it to distract myself from writing it!!

I’ve never had so much grief from one piece of poetry in my life, and I’ve been forced to write all sorts of daft things and dissect worse be it at Uni or whatever. I have four versions of this piece saved in my documents, the first of which was saved in April 2012.. which tells its own story. I got an idea which I quite liked way back then and I don’t mind sharing the idea because frankly, if you can steal this idea and make it work then good luck to you!! It’s quite a simple idea, that’s the ironic thing, I just simply can’t make it work. It’s about a man and a woman who clearly hate each other but are drawn to continue sleeping together simply because their love is so passionate. I told you it wasn’t complicated.

Naturally, I wrote up a draft and wasn’t keen but  had the themes, metaphors, ideas etc in place to come back to. That I did months later and re-wrote it with fresh ideas in my mind. However it missed the cut for These Waters anyway. So then as I came to write the collection for TFA I figured I’d give it another go. It was better, much better in fact, but still in a lot of doubt I enlisted help from friends I knew who wrote/critiqued poetry and it improved again. Nevertheless, still has no chance of making it into my book as it stands. Something just reminded me of it tonight, long after I’d finished being productive for the day, so I opened up the latest version, thought of a couple of quirks to put into it, and here I am.. AGAIN. 

The thing is, I’m not particularly fond of the idea or in fact the potential of the piece in general, I think I just keep going back for more because I’m determined to conquer it. I suppose if there’s any silver lining in my boring story it’s that I guess it proves I don’t give up easily. I guess that’s a good thing to know as I enter the final straight for TFA and heading into the future. If you want something enough you can make it happen. (I hope). #DreamsArePossibilities right? 

I’ll give you good odds of me ever blogging about finishing this piece and being happy with it though!! 

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