Official TFA Running Order

I have confirmed the official list of pieces to be included in Tears From Abaddon (released 25th November on Amazon). The list is linked here from the website for convenience. Year of copyright and other copyrighted publications are bracketed. The main bulk of the collection is separated into two ‘chapters’- Winter and Summer. Next is the title piece ‘Tears From Abaddon’ followed by an epilogue composed of 7 initial pieces, the ‘Regardings’ pieces (poems incomplete as stand-alone pieces, but written on a specific topic or part-poems). The Epilogue is then concluded by ‘Tale of Darkness’.


Gabrial (2012) (Ether, Miracle)
Hegira (2013)
In Somnium (2013)
Ashes From The Sky (2013) (Ether)
Salome’s Room (The Silence) [2013] (Ether) –[The Silence (2011)]
Skyfire (2012) (KDP)
Westlake Avenue (2013) –(Someone There, 2011 [The Edge])
Desolate Road (2012) (KDP)
Cigarettes In The Snow (2011) (Ether, KDP)
Feign (2013)


Blue Roses (2013)
Fragments (But To Be) [2013]
The Storm Part IV (2013) –(The Storm Part II, 2012 [KDP])
Cold Water (2013)
Arcadia (2013)
The Hanging Tree: ‘Scarlet Leaves’ (2013) –(The Hanging Tree, 2012 [Miracle, KDP])
Denali (2013)
The Return Of The Rain (2013)
Gravity (2013)

I Wasteland
II I Am The Hunter
III The Gallows
IV The Council
V In Lucidity


Porcelain (2011)
Let Love Be Your Existence (2013)
The Turning Tides (2013) –(The Desert, 2012 [Ether, KDP])
III (2013)
It’s Then I See Your Face (2012) (Ether, KDP)
Bittersweet Heart (2012) (KDP)
I See Light (2013)

Re Tuesday (2013)
Re Soar: a haiku (2013)
Re Pieces (2013)
Re The Desert (In Tantum III) [2013] -(The Desert, 2012 [Ether, KDP])
Re Cat & Dogs (2013)
Re Us (2013)

Tale of Darkness (2013)

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  1. Pretty cool. Let me know if you’d like some help with promoting it.


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