What Next?

It’s done, it’s over, it’s published. 38 pieces whittled down from dozens more, 1054 lines of poetry and God knows how many hours and cigarettes. It’s been emotional, rewarding and stressful.

So now then.. what next? For months I’ve been anticipating getting out of the poetry game for a little while at least, starting a novel and other projects but also feeling a need to take it easy. It’s weird though because here I am, mere hours after publication eagerly awaiting my copies of the book to arrive at my house, being able to enjoy having no urgent commitments and a day of pure relaxation and I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve always considered myself someone who needs something to be doing, if not purely for the fact I get to complain about a demanding schedule.

In recent times the thoughts of possible new projects have been banding around my head, a novel seeming the likely next step as I had looked forward to giving my idea a go. That eagerness has faded somewhat as it was naturally postponed as TFA work was concluded. I’ll be commencing that work regardless of what I decide to do, but so far have never found the novel-writing discipline. I’ve always wanted to write a play, maybe I’ll look into that, who knows?

I’ve also considered the possibility of re-releasing These Waters in the future. This would include a rebranding and re-working of the pieces in there and some new poems alongside it. On the other hand I really believe I owe myself a break from poetry having dedicated so much to it over the last few years.

I guess the only logical solution to my problem is to give it a few days in knowledge that my brain will keep working and ideas will come to me. At the same time my desire to be occupied will give me new motivation to get cracking. If only I knew how to not be stressed, as lying around watching TV shows only seems appropriate if I’m using it as a distraction from work I’m supposed to be doing.

Nevertheless, this chapter of my life is over and I look forward to finding out what happens in the next one. Dreams will still be possibilities and I won’t stop making them play out. I can promise that even if I can’t promise myself what the next step will be.  


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