21 Years In The Making: Part I

Since it’s release on Monday I’ve naturally been thinking back over how TFA all came together as I look to delve into a new project. I thought for those interested it might be nice to share this in a series of blogs and who knows, it might help some people out in some way.

Well then, let’s get started and go back to over a year ago..

3rd November 2012- These Waters is released on Kindle.
After a year of writing poetry, the best of my work was released as a collection on Kindle. At this point in my life I was still writing short stories, planning a novel and moving onto a new project. Later that month I was suddenly struck with ‘Gabrial’, the lines of which flowed on my page and it became clear that, for now at least, I was a poet.


17th January 2013- Ether Publishing Treble.
From that point onwards I continued writing poetry, finding myself exploring new realms of it I hadn’t considered before. Simply put, what I was producing was on a level I hadn’t reached previously. I wanted to continue in that mind-set and began thinking of ways this was possible, I was now planning a new collection. In January the 3 pieces I’d made public up to this point were picked up and published by Ether at the same time.

gabsalash 1

17th January 2013- Dreams are possibilities.
On this day I also publicised ‘In Somnium’, the most experimental and unique piece I’d ever written to this point. For the first time I developed this tag-line inside it, although not in direct words at the time. Soon this would become my motto of sorts and I’d have it tattooed on my back in March.

10th February 2013- Gabrial published again.
On this date I announced that my pride and joy was going to be in a magazine. It was becoming clear I was onto something special and this poem was going to be the front of my next book. Around this time I wrote another piece, or at least the start of it, and began to develop a story to make it an epic. The title then came to me: ‘Tears From Abaddon’. The idea developed from there and I now had a potential break-through in terms of what was going to make my next project special.

21st February 2013- First Teaser.
Soon I confirmed my intentions, although there was still much to figure out, and obviously write, my new book was called ‘Tears From Abaddon’ and it would include a five-part title piece, the first two parts of which work had already began on, Wasteland (born from the piece I mentioned starting in the previous paragraph) and I Am The Hunter (born from another free-write session). With this all confirmed a teaser was produced, sticking to revolving around Gabrial, its signature line ‘I am an angel of a man’ featured, with the ‘wings’ theme of its author.


2nd March 2013- Award.
A couple of weeks later I won my first ever award for metered, traditional and authentic poetry thanks to one of the Ether hat-trick- Ashes From The Sky. A poem of this description was unusual for me, as I tend to find myself writing more free-verse and experimental poetry. However I had now achieved quick success with poems of completely different styles. I decided to continue this trend and make TFA just that, original, unique, stand-out. Each piece would be all of that in its own right.

12th April 2013- Winter Completed.
During this period I began to develop my ideas further. I was writing a book to be released roughly a year after my first. Between this we have the Winter and Summer and as I pondered this fact I began to consider the light and dark days of life (Winter and Summer) and how I’ve journeyed through both. A year in writing, twenty one years in the making. This book would carry the reader through that with me. With the line ‘one more wander into the cold’ (Feign) I concluded work on the ‘Winter’ pieces.

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