First of all I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great New Year too. Before I head off to see it in I thought I’d share some thoughts running around my head.

Mostly, I’m going over what’s ahead in 2014. Personally, I’d like to go through the year making my body the sort of temple it was a few years ago.. and have made the appropriate resolutions. But, of course, I’m here to talk about writing.

Going into the New Year I have a lot of ideas and potential projects running around my head. I find as time goes on, these develop and improve and perhaps this year I’ll produce something to be proud of. Let’s just say I’m excited. One of those projects is of course rewriting, reworking and re-releasing These Waters, complete with new format, pieces and a new version of The Hanging Tree!!

A Legacy Resurfaced



More importantly though, I have intentions to continue my traditions of trying to do something unexpected, original and stand-out. I believe I have the ideas and opportunity to do this and will hopefully be able to say more as time and work-in-progress goes on.

Early in 2013 I was named the ‘Prince of Poetry’- I hope by the end of 2014 I can be King.

All the best everyone,



Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Apologies for being late in getting involved, I’ll blame the busy holiday season!!
Thank you huge amounts to Kayla at Perfecting Patty for The Dragon’s Loyalty blog award nomination! Having researched back, I’ve discovered that this award is a combination of The Versatile Blogger Award and The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and that is just awesome!!

So, the “rules”:

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  3. Present 10 or so awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. 

Seven Interesting Things About Me – Well, 7 things about myself I could think of anyway.

1. I have competed in multiple competitive 10k races and was timed running the 100m in under 10.5 seconds.

2. I am currently working on a re-release of my debut poetry anthology ‘These Waters’ and will be writing new stuff for it as well as re-writing the majority of pieces in it.

3. I aim to write novels, have had several ideas for a long, long time but have yet never found the discipline.

4. In 2013 I became a tallenge literature competition finalist.

5. I am always referred to as ‘the poet’ however my first two published pieces were short stories when I was 19.

6. I can drink a pint of lager in 3 seconds.

7. In 2013 I was also awarded the ‘Prince of Poetry’ award by TWC for my poem ‘Ashes From The Sky’- an award for metered, authentic and traditional poetry- ironically, I rarely write this style of poem. 

My nominees:

The Mirror Obscura

Paint the world with words



Source of Inspiration

the great power


I’ve nominated these guys as I’ve specifically enjoyed their posts and/or they’ve shown great interest and inspiration to myself. Thank you all.

Keep writing.


Beyond The Fall

For all my days have been but real
they feel quite unlike it still.
I find myself in a tranquil dream
that I found beyond the fall.
You are the stars up in the sky
whose grace shines down on me.
You are cinders in the night
and treasures of gold
precious and fine to me.

Jordan Baker
Dec 2013

Legacy Resurfaced.



Legacies are defined by the epic feats we master.
We are remembered for being the best at something
and leaving behind something worth talking about.

stalwart stone

21 Years In The Making- Part II

8th May 2013- Summer Begins.
Shortly after I opened a piece (Blue Roses) with the line ‘budding blue roses, the summer I dream’. This piece was publicated in early May, and would become the opening piece for Summer, perfectly fitting in with the theme of ‘lighter and better times’. Productivity was at a high at this time, several poems that would eventually feature in the epilogue were completed, as well as the likes of ‘Cold Water’.

13th July 2013- 2nd Teaser.
As the book began to come together, a second teaser was produced, combining the ‘angel’ theme with the tag-line ‘dreams are possibilities’. That week I then embarked on another challenging project, turning my (first ever piece to be published) short-story ‘Someone There?’ into an epic narrative piece (a la The Hanging Tree) specifically for TFA. I’d complete work on it quickly and name it ‘Westlake Avenue’.  It was also around this time I wrote a direct ‘follow-up’ to The Hanging Tree to feature in the book also.

TFA TEASER 2 small

From this point onwards, it was strictly TFA work, with changes in my life providing no distractions bar new ideas for poems, one by one the pieces began to fall in place. Heading into the autumn, naturally stress levels began to rise as we neared preparation for a Winter release.

16th September 2013- Cover Reveal.
After a drawn out period of design, the official Tears From Abaddon cover was officially revealed on the website on this date. It was starting to get real now and the (even more) shameful promoting began. More teasers were produced and pieces completed as we headed into the editing and finishing off phase. With ‘Gravity’ finished, so was Summer and the hard work began on the TFA main piece.

20th September 2013- Significant Movement.
Later in the week, the long awaited extract for TFA Part III (The Gallows) was produced and shared on twitter as work on each of the remaining pieces reached new levels and parts of the book itself began to come together.

29th October 2013- The Final Mile.
I now entered what I called on here ‘The Final Mile’, as I began to hermit myself in my office doing little else but work, specifically on Tale of Darkness, the book’s final piece intended to stand alone as summing up the whole ’21 years in the making ‘ angle, as well as final completions on the TFA piece.

30th October 2013- Tallenge Literature Competition Finalist.
As this was going on I was approached to enter some pieces of the TFA collection into a literature competition and would become a finalist in it. The competition is still on-going. This backed up my knowledge that what I was producing was good enough to publish.

3rd November 2013- Date Set.
I officially confirmed the release date for Tears From Abaddon and the final straight was well and truly in sight. There was still work to be done of course and editing and production continued throughout the month.


14th November 2013- Running Order Announced.
The next exciting reveal was the official book running order, published right here on the blog. Looking back over the poems was a nice eye-opener to my small-time writing success and the work I’d put in. Some of those pieces still needed work however.

23rd November 2013- Work Completed.
Two days before its release, I officially ceased physical work on Tears From Abaddon and endured the technical stuff over the weekend, in between heavily celebratory drinking. I could also preview the book to my followers at this point and announce on the 25th that it was good to go!!

tfa kindle title v

27th November 2013- Arrivals.
I arrived home on the Wednesday morning to shiny new copies of my book. Something 21 years in the making was now being held in my hand and read by the world.