First of all I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great New Year too. Before I head off to see it in I thought I’d share some thoughts running around my head.

Mostly, I’m going over what’s ahead in 2014. Personally, I’d like to go through the year making my body the sort of temple it was a few years ago.. and have made the appropriate resolutions. But, of course, I’m here to talk about writing.

Going into the New Year I have a lot of ideas and potential projects running around my head. I find as time goes on, these develop and improve and perhaps this year I’ll produce something to be proud of. Let’s just say I’m excited. One of those projects is of course rewriting, reworking and re-releasing These Waters, complete with new format, pieces and a new version of The Hanging Tree!!

A Legacy Resurfaced



More importantly though, I have intentions to continue my traditions of trying to do something unexpected, original and stand-out. I believe I have the ideas and opportunity to do this and will hopefully be able to say more as time and work-in-progress goes on.

Early in 2013 I was named the ‘Prince of Poetry’- I hope by the end of 2014 I can be King.

All the best everyone,


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