Good Friday


Lancashire Fair: Good Friday, Daisy Nook (1946)
by LS Lowry

Good Friday
by Jordan Baker (January 2014)

Haunted faces sinuous in pallid space
I’m screaming should I be granted verve
lost in a crowd in a lucidly festive place.
Through these souls lies the solemn turf
where I may find my site of kin.
From here where I stand it is inhabited still
but those distant strokes are gone within.
They run from the fields the branches fill
for it is not winter and the woods are dead.
They chase only the guise and noise ahead.




Smudge the charcoal with fingertips
which tremble at the touch of you
and try to make it just as smooth.
Art from cinders crushed to gold,
a valoured tone of heart and soul.
Rose by rose and star by star,
words defining what you are.
But how to put it on a page,
what you seem to be to me?

You are stars,
and all the sky,
the light of sun and moon
mixing the world in bloom
so it’s always bright for me.

You are life,
you are it all,
you are my summer and my fall.
You are the day and the night,
you’re always there for me.

You are me,
you are everything.
The way I laugh, the way I breathe,
the way I see the world
which is what you are to me.

Let Her Tears Flow..



In the corner of an eye
the past comes to mind
in a glimpse of haunting lie
that in one moment I’m blind.
Silhouettes catching fire in snow
turn and leave, double takes
walking the winter roads
a shadow fading in fiery flakes..

-to be continued..

‘I think I’m falling…’
-You could have saved my life.


Since you’ve gone I guess I’ll wait.
Somehow I love you just the same
so many hundred miles away.


Jordan Baker
Dreams are possibilities.




One day we wake up and everything is clear,
the next it can be gone once more.
Drowned and sank with legacies we create
and dreams we strive to live for.
We create characters for ourselves to be
and maybe place them into writing form.
Desiring to be the best in the world,
to be worshiped, to be loved and adored.
But if our identity was a sketch of hand,
what emblems and effects would be drawn?

‘I am a dreamer of a man.
I’m esoteric, compelling and vain.
I carry alchemy in my hands
and bane scarlet veneer in my veins,
silver tainted illusions at the tip of my wings
and a nostalgic beating at my core.
Its cadence is one of a king’s
but it’s fragile and forged as yours.
I take your mortal heart in mine
and turn its brittle pages one by one.
I pick out the most sublime lines
and leave them to burn in the sun.
My whisper as wind to a feather
can order a world to its grave.
My touch; pure as spring’s first heather
can calm the sea’s wildest waves
and alter the blush of your face
and tear up the form of your grace’.

-An extract from ‘Gabrial’
Jordan Baker 2012.

New Projects: Update

Hello everyone. I hope, like me, you’re still taking your personal resolutions seriously. So far I haven’t smoked for 9 days, have cut down on coffee successfully and been out running a few times. Of course, that’s not important because the only goal of mine I need to worry about on this blog is my target to be ‘King’. To do that I need to be writing, obviously, and if I’m honest that’s been difficult so far this year. Since I’ve been quite inactive on here recently I thought I’d post a little update on what I’ve got going on so you don’t all forget about me if nothing else. 

I’m currently taking a break from writing my seasonal piece entitled ‘SialiaSong’ to post here. I realise Christmas has been and gone but the idea has only recently came clear in my head and thinking back to Cigarettes In The Snow and Ashes From The Sky, each have been written around this time over the last two years and have brought success so I figured why not write a new seasonal poem for this season? I’ll hopefully share that piece with you all soon.

I’m excited about a new poetry project which might just make me King, which involves taking an old project and shaking things up, taking original risks such as the sort I like. While a lot of this is planned out I haven’t felt ready to start WIP on this yet, but hopefully by talking about it I’ll start doing something about it. Again I’ll keep my followers updated on that. 

Thirdly I am indeed targeting a re-release of These Waters later in 2014, including new stuff, re-writes, re-branding and ‘re-surfacing’ its pieces. I’ve hinted at doing this recently and began working on it in the back end of 2013- so could officially reveal that I plan to do this last week. The reason is simply because I think it can be better. My debut book should be one I’m proud of, and while the original will always stand alone I’d like to give it a go and do something new with it. This of course includes the rewrite of the Hanging Tree, which I’m most excited about. 

Generally, I have several pieces on the go, which if satisfactory will be used as part of that collection. They are all themed to an extent that they are not out of place in the anthology and it’s been interesting going back into the mind-set of over two years ago to do this. 

There’s a lot I want to do in 2014, and I hope I manage to reach some goals. I know that the only way to do that is to get cracking and knuckle down and make dreams possibilities. (I’ll get all the cliches out the way now so I’m not tempted to use any in my work!!) Along the way I hope I have continued support and will try to give it back along with any help, inspiration and entertainment I can.

All the best everyone,


Dreams Are Possibilities..


Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

-Langston Hughes