One day we wake up and everything is clear,
the next it can be gone once more.
Drowned and sank with legacies we create
and dreams we strive to live for.
We create characters for ourselves to be
and maybe place them into writing form.
Desiring to be the best in the world,
to be worshiped, to be loved and adored.
But if our identity was a sketch of hand,
what emblems and effects would be drawn?

‘I am a dreamer of a man.
I’m esoteric, compelling and vain.
I carry alchemy in my hands
and bane scarlet veneer in my veins,
silver tainted illusions at the tip of my wings
and a nostalgic beating at my core.
Its cadence is one of a king’s
but it’s fragile and forged as yours.
I take your mortal heart in mine
and turn its brittle pages one by one.
I pick out the most sublime lines
and leave them to burn in the sun.
My whisper as wind to a feather
can order a world to its grave.
My touch; pure as spring’s first heather
can calm the sea’s wildest waves
and alter the blush of your face
and tear up the form of your grace’.

-An extract from ‘Gabrial’
Jordan Baker 2012.

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  1. Love this!


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