Well Wishes & Just Promise Tonight.

When I look back over my 2014 I simply can’t believe how much my life has developed. Writing aside, I am in a fantastic place, happy as ever and looking forward to my future. As for the writing I wouldn’t say I’ve moved as many steps forward as I did in 2013, however am building the solid foundations of Blueprints by the Sea as well as pottering on and experimenting with other projects. In the end, that’s what I wanted for myself following Tears From Abaddon and I’ve enjoyed having the shackles off my writing life. As we enter next year there could be some huge developments, so stay tuned for those. In the mean time I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays and all the best going into the New Year, as well as thank you all for your support, reading and following of this blog and my writing in general. I only wish I could share more with you all.

But for now I’ll leave you with ‘Just Promise Tonight’ and wish you all the best.


Just Promise Tonight

Rest on me as I’m enchanted
by that look 
in your eyes,
captivating and alive
with the beauty
of a clear oceanic sunrise
and a divine aurora of me.
Take me as your haven
and I’ll take your hand,
for no one could appreciate your love
the way I can.

For it I’ll carry the world, hold it over head
and for our times throw it far away
so you can live, just be.
Just promise tonight you’ll dream of me.

Should dreams be scarce, here I am,
come close and into peace with me,
under the stars, feel their glow
and of my love please understand.
I’ll tell you again, until you know
just promise tonight you won’t let go.




Gleams fall through the window
dwindling, they come.
Summer nights are longer
but the times have gone.
Is there a difference between
sun rise and set?
The darker days could write chapters
living in the shadows of nominal
we forget.
But my eyes are wide
they’re open and deep.
In an arms race for power
the future sleeps.
Until reparations are paid
pull me down.
Through all the ephemeral
elations we made
it pulls us down.
As the gleams fade out
I won’t speak aloud.
Lost somewhere amongst
the stars I drift
tumbling in silence in some sort
of direction I list.
It pulls me down.
Onto the cobbled pavement
where once I shared a kiss
pull me down.

Jordan Baker