On My Mind

Where angels fall the crazed moors rise,
here in this place, the backwaters’ find,
a river runs through the means to reach a tide.
All in sentient here in the Great Divide.
In a moment, a change in the breeze
I’ll find where amongst it you’ll be
in the barrens when a spark comes along
to stop the storm and prove the poet wrong.

I’ve spent long days searching, longer climbing
to be stood there on that day with life alive
maybe it’s a dream and you’re on my mind.
My tears flow like a mountain river goes
but I’m at the top where just wind blows
and I like to stay there from time to time
holding your hand over splendid skies.
Maybe I’m awake and you’re on my mind.

Jordan Baker
January 2015

It’s hard to find the right words to describe something amazing, but it turns out I had them all along.


Limitless: The Motto

‘As long as I’m human I will dream.

As long as I’m alive I am limitless.

Dreams are possibilities’.

Keep The Faith

Jordan Baker 2013.

I wrote this little motto of sorts many months ago as I was working on my new poetry collection. The tag line for that collection is ‘Dreams Are Possibilities’, a phrase I also have tattooed on my back. Its message is simple. Nothing is impossible, you are unlimited potential, you have dreams, you want to be the best, and it’s all possible.

Don’t think, just do.