21 Years In The Making- Part II

8th May 2013- Summer Begins.
Shortly after I opened a piece (Blue Roses) with the line ‘budding blue roses, the summer I dream’. This piece was publicated in early May, and would become the opening piece for Summer, perfectly fitting in with the theme of ‘lighter and better times’. Productivity was at a high at this time, several poems that would eventually feature in the epilogue were completed, as well as the likes of ‘Cold Water’.

13th July 2013- 2nd Teaser.
As the book began to come together, a second teaser was produced, combining the ‘angel’ theme with the tag-line ‘dreams are possibilities’. That week I then embarked on another challenging project, turning my (first ever piece to be published) short-story ‘Someone There?’ into an epic narrative piece (a la The Hanging Tree) specifically for TFA. I’d complete work on it quickly and name it ‘Westlake Avenue’.  It was also around this time I wrote a direct ‘follow-up’ to The Hanging Tree to feature in the book also.

TFA TEASER 2 small

From this point onwards, it was strictly TFA work, with changes in my life providing no distractions bar new ideas for poems, one by one the pieces began to fall in place. Heading into the autumn, naturally stress levels began to rise as we neared preparation for a Winter release.

16th September 2013- Cover Reveal.
After a drawn out period of design, the official Tears From Abaddon cover was officially revealed on the website on this date. It was starting to get real now and the (even more) shameful promoting began. More teasers were produced and pieces completed as we headed into the editing and finishing off phase. With ‘Gravity’ finished, so was Summer and the hard work began on the TFA main piece.

20th September 2013- Significant Movement.
Later in the week, the long awaited extract for TFA Part III (The Gallows) was produced and shared on twitter as work on each of the remaining pieces reached new levels and parts of the book itself began to come together.

29th October 2013- The Final Mile.
I now entered what I called on here ‘The Final Mile’, as I began to hermit myself in my office doing little else but work, specifically on Tale of Darkness, the book’s final piece intended to stand alone as summing up the whole ’21 years in the making ‘ angle, as well as final completions on the TFA piece.

30th October 2013- Tallenge Literature Competition Finalist.
As this was going on I was approached to enter some pieces of the TFA collection into a literature competition and would become a finalist in it. The competition is still on-going. This backed up my knowledge that what I was producing was good enough to publish.

3rd November 2013- Date Set.
I officially confirmed the release date for Tears From Abaddon and the final straight was well and truly in sight. There was still work to be done of course and editing and production continued throughout the month.


14th November 2013- Running Order Announced.
The next exciting reveal was the official book running order, published right here on the blog. Looking back over the poems was a nice eye-opener to my small-time writing success and the work I’d put in. Some of those pieces still needed work however.

23rd November 2013- Work Completed.
Two days before its release, I officially ceased physical work on Tears From Abaddon and endured the technical stuff over the weekend, in between heavily celebratory drinking. I could also preview the book to my followers at this point and announce on the 25th that it was good to go!!

tfa kindle title v

27th November 2013- Arrivals.
I arrived home on the Wednesday morning to shiny new copies of my book. Something 21 years in the making was now being held in my hand and read by the world.



21 Years In The Making: Part I

Since it’s release on Monday I’ve naturally been thinking back over how TFA all came together as I look to delve into a new project. I thought for those interested it might be nice to share this in a series of blogs and who knows, it might help some people out in some way.

Well then, let’s get started and go back to over a year ago..

3rd November 2012- These Waters is released on Kindle.
After a year of writing poetry, the best of my work was released as a collection on Kindle. At this point in my life I was still writing short stories, planning a novel and moving onto a new project. Later that month I was suddenly struck with ‘Gabrial’, the lines of which flowed on my page and it became clear that, for now at least, I was a poet.


17th January 2013- Ether Publishing Treble.
From that point onwards I continued writing poetry, finding myself exploring new realms of it I hadn’t considered before. Simply put, what I was producing was on a level I hadn’t reached previously. I wanted to continue in that mind-set and began thinking of ways this was possible, I was now planning a new collection. In January the 3 pieces I’d made public up to this point were picked up and published by Ether at the same time.

gabsalash 1

17th January 2013- Dreams are possibilities.
On this day I also publicised ‘In Somnium’, the most experimental and unique piece I’d ever written to this point. For the first time I developed this tag-line inside it, although not in direct words at the time. Soon this would become my motto of sorts and I’d have it tattooed on my back in March.

10th February 2013- Gabrial published again.
On this date I announced that my pride and joy was going to be in a magazine. It was becoming clear I was onto something special and this poem was going to be the front of my next book. Around this time I wrote another piece, or at least the start of it, and began to develop a story to make it an epic. The title then came to me: ‘Tears From Abaddon’. The idea developed from there and I now had a potential break-through in terms of what was going to make my next project special.

21st February 2013- First Teaser.
Soon I confirmed my intentions, although there was still much to figure out, and obviously write, my new book was called ‘Tears From Abaddon’ and it would include a five-part title piece, the first two parts of which work had already began on, Wasteland (born from the piece I mentioned starting in the previous paragraph) and I Am The Hunter (born from another free-write session). With this all confirmed a teaser was produced, sticking to revolving around Gabrial, its signature line ‘I am an angel of a man’ featured, with the ‘wings’ theme of its author.


2nd March 2013- Award.
A couple of weeks later I won my first ever award for metered, traditional and authentic poetry thanks to one of the Ether hat-trick- Ashes From The Sky. A poem of this description was unusual for me, as I tend to find myself writing more free-verse and experimental poetry. However I had now achieved quick success with poems of completely different styles. I decided to continue this trend and make TFA just that, original, unique, stand-out. Each piece would be all of that in its own right.

12th April 2013- Winter Completed.
During this period I began to develop my ideas further. I was writing a book to be released roughly a year after my first. Between this we have the Winter and Summer and as I pondered this fact I began to consider the light and dark days of life (Winter and Summer) and how I’ve journeyed through both. A year in writing, twenty one years in the making. This book would carry the reader through that with me. With the line ‘one more wander into the cold’ (Feign) I concluded work on the ‘Winter’ pieces.

Stop All The Clocks

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
silence the pianos and with a muffled drum
bring out the book, let the readers come.

Thank you Mr. Auden for allowing me a colourful way to announce that work has ceased on Tears From Abaddon.

You can read it in completion from Monday.


Who I am
is scattered on pages
in words and images.

Time ticks down
on this conception
and era of time itself.

What dreams will
establish themselves
when this time finally
elapses? It is now
that I must discover
who I am.

3 days to go..

Dreams are possibilities.

Tale of Darkness

Perhaps the last poem of mine they will read for a long time. The finale of a project many years in the making. And onward we go into life’s next chapter..

In truth today a time has gone
through cold of night and heat of sun.
I wait in lull before the storm
when urchin eyes awake at dawn.
The creed of leaves grow scarlet bronze
and listless held for spring to come.
Be it this day a story’s end
now one more tale must then be penned.

So I’ll take it back to the start,
with the slow patter of my heart
the gaudy leaves started to fall.
To prosper, no fancy at all,
desistance comes, part one of three
in lieu of devotion to be.
Never fixed on which path to tread,
to follow those despondent lead.

This, the Wasteland of which I’ve spoken
is always art, if sometimes broken.
I’ve ran its streets in rain and snow
and come the summer, beat my ghosts.
Where I am roused and soar at times
should I wander and find the lines.
Tales of abjection and of snow,
fallen angels and stalwart stone.

I stared out train windows for miles,
searched for inspiration or smile.
Lay down with memories at night
they left with the creep in of light.
And by the chill of morning sunshine
hearts broke in the same way as mine.
Follow the buzzards in their flight
to where a splintered sweetheart cries.

And on this day let it be said
that I do not fear dream or death.
I fear their effect on only
just those who claim that they love me.
I’ve seen the world in coral tone
and been awed by the light that comes.
I failed my God one time before,
He gave more chances than I’m owed.

I know one day my star will blaze
amongst the other dark-lit tales.
But for today I’ve craft and life.
Not yet does it glimmer at night.
Never to crumble, nor to fail,
not to depart until my name
is known across every border
and my star shines on these waters.

Jordan Baker

Where I Stand

Around 2 weeks ago I set a date for the release of my book, Tears From Abaddon which is the 25th November, so not long to go.
There are just little bits and pieces to finish and compose, as has been the case since the date was set. It’s been a difficult time and unfortunately that dictates the amount of work one can do most of the time. However, as easy as it is to give up on things, I’ll be damned if this book isn’t everything I wanted it to be.

This morning I have continued work on the assembling of the collection, including piece selection and editing. Hopefully over the next week all will be completed and I’ll be posting information etc on here, twitter and the official website. As I continue to do this type of work on the book, I can almost appreciate how much work I have put into it. It’s been a difficult year, so I suppose that makes me proud of myself, I’m surprised how much stuff has come together and largely happy with quality, and I hope the end product is well-received.

For now, I’ll get cracking again with the productivity.
Keep The Faith
Dreams Are Possibilities
and whatever my next tattoo says..

The Final Mile

I know I’ve been conspicuous by my WP absence recently and I apologise if you’ve missed my random ramblings. I’d like to say it was because I’ve been so busy finishing TFA off but I can’t say I have. I simply can’t write anything inspirational when I’m struggling for it myself. For the last week or so I’ve been completely creativity-blocked. It happens, of course it does. It’s a very frustrating thing, even more so when you’re so close to the end.

The end of the journey is in sight, and has been for some time. I’m pleased to say I’m only a few half-complete pieces and editing away from this book being ready for publishing and then I can get on with my other projects.. FINALLY!!

I’m posting this merely as a wake-up call to myself. I’ve got 7 hours of Tuesday remaining, the study door is closed, the pieces I need to work on are colourfully co-ordinated before my eyes, their stories and important bits right there in front of me. I have all my writing tools at my finger tips. No excuses any more.. Let’s do this!! Image,

What is TFA?

Well, I’ve banged on about it enough, shamelessly promoted it in progress for the last 10 months and worked some-what hard on it, so if you’re still wondering what Tears From Abaddon is all about I’ll try and explain here.

Tears From Abaddon is an epic 5-part poem depicting the story of a man trapped in the wasteland of limbo, where before the council of Christ and Satan his fate will be determined. Each of the 5 pieces is different in terms of style, craft, structure and form and through them we learn about his life, his struggles and the character of the protagonist himself.. perhaps a thing or two about the Devil as well.

More than this, Tears From Abaddon (and other poems) is the title of my second poetry collection. It tells the story of a writer’s life, over the course of the two main chapters, the ‘Winter’ and ‘Summer’ it was written in. It also features the title piece and an epilogue of other works.

WINTER kicks off with a bang, ‘Gabrial’- the ramblings of the Devil’s favourite angel and several other published pieces as well as ‘Westlake Avenue’- the short story ‘Someone There?’ re-written in poetic form for the book. Of course there’s a bit of a ‘snowy’ theme in this chapter too.

From the cold lows of winter into the extreme highs of SUMMER.  Of course, it isn’t always rosy weather here in Britain over the summer, but the story continues into it regardless, ending with the emotional pull of ‘Gravity’.

The theme of the book is dreams. ‘Dreams are possibilities’. The book is written as a look at how I see life, the world and how I believe they can be. There are real-life experience, fantasy, and generally a wide variety of poetry within the pages.

And it’s coming soon.

Official Tears From Abaddon Cover

Official Tears From Abaddon Cover

Unveiled 16th September 2013, the cover work for TFA, designed by S. Hensler, EBC and Jordan Baker. Exciting times ahead!!